423kidk: “Quit Playin”

By: Eric Reyes
February 11, 2020

Known for a personable attitude that translates directly to the tone and style of his music, 423kidk is back at it with his latest release, β€œQuit Playin.”

What got me first was the beat and the mix. Stimulating, but with a very chill build and flow. There weren’t any breaks in the movement, in the vibe. The sound overall was very smooth, very easy to groove with and to.

The confidence, though with a tired, almost resigned note, was an aspect that spoke to me. You get a sense that the person this song is directed towards didn’t value the raconteur in question until they had pull financially, till they had fans, till the world was opening up to them. And, instead of valuing this person for their clear talent, their art, their potential, they were viewed as a commodity, a means to an end, a free ride. 423kidk lets them know, in no uncertain terms, to β€˜Quit playin’ and that more than a piece of merchandise, β€œBitch, I’m a prized possession.” Quite possibly my vote for a quote on a shirt I’d wear to any occasion.

The lyrical performance here was also very nimble, very active, without vibe-breaking aggression or unnecessary β€˜gutterals’ to fill space and adhere to a current genre habit. Every word is in service to the story, no try-hard rhyming for the sake of rhyming. A natural ease that matches the spirit and form of the song overall.

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