12 Decembers: “Your House, Thursday Night”

By: Travis Ram
January 27, 2018

12 Decembers wants you to FEEL GOOD with them, and their new track, “Your House, Thursday Night.”

Indie alternative Bay Area band 12 Decembers has released a new track, and we are so lost in it, we can’t find our way out! With catchy transient pop synths and a smooth vocal qualities, “Your House, Thursday Night” snatches you right from the start. The chorus repeats the lyric “Feel good tonight,” and whenever you listen to this track, we promise you won’t feel anything but. Remnant of The Weepies, Belle & Sebastian, with a hint of The Smiths, this is a track that you will listen to at least three times in a row. We simply cannot pick out our favorite quality—it’s all gold!

Make sure to buy your copy of “Your House, Thursday Night” on iTunes today. Want it on your playlist? No problem! We made it easy for you to find on our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist!

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