STAL: “Don’t Think Twice”

By: Eric Reyes
March 21, 2020

If there were a single word we’d use to describe STAL’s latest release, “Don’t Think Twice”, it would be playful. 

The lyrical quality of the song builds throughout, opening with simplicity and vulnerability, punctuated with bold, blunt emotion. Synths burst out with the main chorus like a sudden shower of glowing neon and shattered candy glass. This electric energy perfectly complements Pierre Marie-Maulini’s earnest voice. There is a frankness to the emotions within the song that makes it all the more appealing for the casual listener. By the end of the song, as the cascade of electronic dancepop glitter crescendos and fades into soft digitized whispers, you recognize that STAL has brought something special to the table.  

The breakout EP “Shades of Truth” is out now and waiting to grace your ears. Hurry and add it to your playlist before you miss out and are the one saying, “Where are you!?”

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