With songs ranging from energizing, sex-dripping anthems to angsty, industrial dance tracks, REYSHA RAMI confidently exists on both ends of the dance-electronic spectrum. She’s begun to lean into the ugly, raw emotions that itch to be released by many of us.

Up and coming CYB3RP0P artist REYSHA RAMI hopes her music makes people want to channel their inner rage while they shake their asses.

This seems highly likely with the release of her latest single, β€œPL4Y.” β€œPL4Y” and its accompanying visualizer are available Friday 4/21/3023 via all DSPs.

β€œPL4Y is an anthem of owning your sexuality and leaning into the art of playful flirting,” shares REYSHA. β€œLyrically, it’s getting at the idea that you know someone is attracted to you and you want them to do something about it, or else you will.”

Happy to remain elusive, REYSHA RAMI is a true force of nature. Her music provides listeners with an almost cinematic experience, each track existing in its own world where her influences of Pop, Electronica, Industrial, and Punk – unpredictably collide.

Fans can double down on this cinematic experience when they watch the visualizer for β€œPL4Y.” Drawing influence from Blade Runner 2047 and The Matrix, the video brings to life the cyberpunk element of REYSHA’s world.

β€œWith the visualizer, I am really trying to lean into the cyberpunk element of CYB3RP0P and introduce the idea of almost real/maybe AI,” explains REYSHA. β€œThese types of music visualizers also seem to be most prominent in the metal music scene, which I think is just super cool because I haven’t seen other more commercial, electronic pop artists doing videos like this.”

REYSHA has Indian roots – her mother grew up in Mumbai while her father ping-ponged between Mumbai, Delhi, and Tamilnadu. But she wasn’t born until after her parents immigrated to the U.S., eventually settling in the suburbs of the Twin Cities in Minneapolis.

REYSHA began her solo musical journey in 2016, initially drawing inspiration from the likes of Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Kimbra. She started releasing music in May of 2017 under a different artist name with her sound still undefined. In 2019, REYSHA moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing music while simultaneously starting over.

β€œI never really quite knew what I wanted to sound like,” admits REYSHA. β€œBut after I moved to L.A. I decided to wipe the slate clean and start honing my craft all over again. The COVID pandemic gave me the time to do so.”

When writing, REYSHA finds inspiration in everyday experiences – relationships, breakups, relapses, loss, mental health, and everything in between. She takes elements from the golden age of mid-2000s pop and seamlessly blends them with modern sensibilities.

β€œAs I enter into a more electronic sound with mixes of industrial dance and techno house, my aim is to simply get people moving,” she shares. β€œI’m very inspired by the dance sound of the 2008-2012 era that is currently making a huge comeback, and ‘PL4Y’ is the first of many electropop tracks that prescribes to the notion that life may feel really heavy, but we can escape for a few moments to disconnect and have fun.”

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TikTok: @reysharami
YouTube: @reysharami