Alt-Rock From Mexico City, Orquesta 24 Cuadros Stuns With Their New Album!

Sway to their latest album’s unique and eclectic sounds, “Whale Waltzes” and listen to the sensational blend of instruments and genres.
Mexico City, Mexico — Music has a beautiful way of assisting expression. Orquesta 24 Cuadros, a band from Mexico, has made a splendid mark in the industry with “Whale Waltzes,” an exciting new covers album.
O24C is a blend of different musical styles and cultural influences. This album combines unique sounds to showcase exceptional craftsmanship and produce perfectly-blended notes. While this album has distinct sounds of cabaret, jazz, blues and rock, you will also sense a subtle mix of pop.
¨Whale Waltzes¨ covers Tom Waits, P.J. Harvey, Ween, Sean Lennon and Teddy Wilson.

Recorded with some of the most important blues, rock and jazz players from Mexico City, the album´s cover versions pay true tribute to these artists, not just by merely recording their songs, but by reimagining them completely, giving them new life and meaning.

Produced by Benjamín Shwartz (Klezmerson), the album is impeccably crafted, organic and natural, where the back-up vocals of “Las Unicornio” are the perfect complement to achieve a vintage but yet modern sound.

As in his two previous albums (self-titled 2016 and ¨El Desvelo¨ 2020) the color palette achieved is extensive, using the orchestra´s usual instrumentation consisting of cello, violin, accordion, trombone, saxophone, trumpet, upright and electric bass, keyboards, drums, guitar and voice.

Tying the musical project to the visual and performance world, O24C focuses on exploring the aesthetic possibilities of collaborations with visual artists in their live shows and videos, which has resulted in 16 international awards and nominations at film festivals around the world.

Singer and composer Atto Attie reflects about the genesis of the project:
Nobody becomes a writer without first having read a book.
Whoever becomes a musician does so thanks to the imagination of other musicians. The songs that we love and have marked us throughout our lives, have resonated emotionally in us, sometimes since childhood (where we perceive these sounds as magic), that we have no other option but to learn to speak that language; we become musicians ourselves to reproduce that magic. This is a record where we give thanks some of those artists and celebrate their work.

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Formed in 2016 by singer-songwriter Atto Attie, O24C debuted with their self-titled album in 2016, which received rave reviews. Their great acceptance among different audiences led them to play in the most important cultural venues in CDMX, as well as presentations on the rock circuit, which included shows at the M.U.A.C, the Cineteca Nacional, Teatro Milán, Vive Latino, Festival Marvin, Solstice Fest, Chopo Museum, and many more. Their second album ¨El Desvelo¨ received amazing reviews, taking them on tour throughout the country.

Orquesta 24 Cuadros

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