Lowly Light

Lowly Light is the pseudonym for an award-winning songwriter and producer Matt Gorny. Coming from an indie-rock background, Gorny has written songs and recorded vocals for dance artists such as Ultra Nate, Amanda Lepore, Luca Perra and others, but never saw it as his own genre. In 2020, he decided to push himself outside his comfort zone and combine his love of indie sound with some house and nu-disco beats.

The sound of Lowly Light is a still-evolving journey, from the funky and soulful β€œDo You Feel Me”, the chilled out groove of β€œCandy Lied”, the energetic indie pop of β€œDown the Coast” to the nu-disco, indie pop gem β€œGet Over Yourself”.

β€œDo You Feel Me” cracked the Spotify algorithm with over 100k streams. Meanwhile β€œLose You (John “J-C” Carr & Bill Coleman 808 Beach Remix)” was featured, along with The Weekend remix, on the music blog Acid Stag and is in regular rotation on SiriusXM channel 312.

The latest release, a remix of β€œGet Over Yourself”, is a blend of tech and deep house sounds starting off with an undeniable groove and building up the hooks to keep you moving. Classic sounds of the 808 are filtered through the wicked musical minds of the legendary DJ Bill Coleman and producer John β€œJ-C” Carr’s 808 BEACH moniker.