Hunter Blair Ambrose

LA-based singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Hunter Blair Ambrose, has released her single “Runaway.” Co-written by Hunter, “Runaway” is a dance-pop track written from the perspective of someone letting go of their past traumas and regrets to start anew. The title “Runaway” refers to running away from one’s past, but also running away from the vulnerability that new experiences and love forces us into. Hunter elaborates; “I recently made a huge change in my life, moving cross country from New York to Los Angeles, and this song is fully inspired by that. Taking a chance on a new chapter, being afraid of all the possibilities of starting your life over. I know that moving across the country meant I’d have a fresh start when it comes to everything, new relationships, new friendships, new work opportunities, a new beginning.”

“Runaway” features an emotive vocal performance with danceable, electric production that echoes a retro 1980s synth pop influence with modern touches. “Runaway” showcases Hunter’s innate ability to craft personal narratives into a synth-pop 1980’s inspired hybrid. She sonically drew inspiration from The Weeknd’s album Dawn FM, but also synth-pop songs with 1980s production influences from artists like Majid Jordan, Zara Larsson, and SG Lewis. “Runaway” has a four on the floor dance beat, with an explosive chorus inspired by melodies and vocal stylings from Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Additionally, the single’s lyrics tell the story of someone losing themselves in music as an escape, but also fearing what could happen if they open themselves up to love again.

Hailing from New York, and currently residing in Los Angeles, Hunter Blair Ambrose began to display a profound love for the performing arts from her earliest years, starting at just 5 years old. What started as singing and studying music, turned into formal vocal lessons, piano training and continuing to study music and theater through grade school, high school and college. Hunter’s professional career in pop began at 17 years old under the mentorship of Grammy Award winning producer, Narada Michael Walden. After recording and co-writing her first tracks as a solo artist with Narada from 2013-2014, Hunter attended the Berklee College of Music. While studying there, she met several producers, writers, and engineers, eventually forming a core team to create her first studio EP and album Scorpio Rising (2020) and Scorpio Season (2021). The lead single, “November” went on to become a viral hit and featured an interpolated sample of Lady Gaga’s 2010 hit “Alejandro.” Inspired by the likes of Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Rosalia, Rihanna; Hunter relates to artists who put an effort into stylized content that correlates with their art. Blending illustrious production with often visceral lyrics to bring her audience into her artistic universe; Hunter is known for her powerful vocals, vast range, and provocative visuals to her artistry. “As I’ve moved through my life, I have amassed various life experiences and have gained many new artistic influences which all come together to affect my songwriting and style of music I create. As I’ve evolved as a human being, so has my art. With every release, I reflect where I am at any present moment in time through my music.” – Hunter Blair Ambrose

“Runaway” Credits:
Written by: Hunter Blair Ambrose, Jason Strong
Producer/Mixing: Jason Strong
Mastering: Randy Merrill